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Eco Tours

At Central Coast Outdoors we have become concerned about the rapid escalation of environmental crises across the globe and have decided to do our part to help address these problems. Although taking one of our eco tours is a great way to reconnect with nature, we have been increasingly aware of what the environmental impact of running our ecotours truly is. From carbon emissions on our vehicles to the plastics used in kayak construction, we realize that even such a seemingly green business as running eco adventure tours has an impact on the environment.

Central Coast Outdoors of California

To address this issue we analyzed our entire business operation to see where we were impacting the environment and came up with a series of changes and programs to make our business as green as possible. Our goal was to lower our company emissions and impacts as much as we could and do carbon offsets and other mitigation measures to address the impacts that remained. Here is what we have done:

To lower energy use and carbon emissions:

  1. Purchased a 2008 Toyota Prius for running smaller trips that need vehicle support and transportation. The Prius gets 40-50 mpg and the van we were using for all our trips gets about 12 mpg. We estimate this reduces our annual fuel consumption and carbon emissions by over 50%.
  2. Purchased an Energy Star refrigerator for storing food in our warehouse. This new refrigerator uses about 75% less electricity than the old refrigerator. You'd be surprised at how much energy an old refrigerator can consume!
  3. Installed solar electric panels on our home/office. Combined with the more energy efficient refrigerator, we estimate this offsets approximately 60-65% of our electrical use.

Central Coast Outdoors of California

To mitigate what remains of our impact:

We support several organizations with financial donations. We select organizations that work hard to offset or repair environmental damage or organizations that advocate for a sustainable future. Here is who we are currently supporting:

San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition
An advocacy organization for the bicycle community in San Luis Obispo County.
Pacific Wildlife Care
The local wildlife rehabilitation organization.
An excellent way to offset what remains of your carbon footprint after you have done as much as possible to reduce that footprint. We are currently offsetting about 35 tons of carbon emissions.

We also support numerous small local organizations such as the Community Environmental Council and Earth Day Food and Wine Festival with gift certificates for our tours to sell at silent auctions. Here is an abbreviated list of other organizations we have supported in this way in the past:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • CASA of SLO County (Court Appointed Special Advocate)
  • Cambria Historical Society
  • CC Parkinson's Support Group
  • Central Coast Clean Cites Coalition
  • Central Coast Natural History Association
  • Chris Jespersen Memorial Society
  • Clovis Botanical Gardens
  • Coastwalk
  • Community Environmental Council
  • D.R.E.A.M. for Kids
  • Friends of the Elephant Seals
  • Greenspace
  • Live Oak Music Festival/KCBX
  • Leukemia Lymphoma Society
  • Muscular Dystrophy Society
  • North County Women's Shelter
  • Senior Nutrition Program
  • SLO Bike Club
  • SLO Car Free
  • SLO Children's Museum
  • SLO County Visitor and Conference Bureau
  • SLO Downtown Criterium Classic
  • SLO Hospice
  • SLO Land Conservancy
  • SLO Regional Rideshare
  • SLO RideShare
  • SLO YMCA Leadership Foundation
  • Wheelchair Foundation
  • Wild Horse Sanctuary
  • Woods Humane Society

If you are concerned about the environmental impact your eco holiday here on the Central Coast of California might have, you can do several things:

  1. Take one of our eco adventure tours! Not only will you get a chance to reconnect with nature and get some exercise, you can rest assured we have done everything possible to reduce or mitigate the impact of our eco tours.
  2. Visit the Carbon Fund website and purchase carbon offsets for your adventure holiday or for your entire annual household impact.


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