Kayaking: Sea Otter Harbor Paddle

Morro Bay hosts a relatively large number of sea otters! They are sometimes seen on our regular tours, but can more commonly be seen in the northern part of the harbor area, which is outside the range of our normal tours. If you'd like to visit with the sea otters in Morro Bay, we'd be happy to arrange a special three hour private tour to do this. The tour is tide dependent and does require more paddling than our regular tours. Please contact us for details.

Here is a great article about the otters in Morro Bay.

Price per person, by group size (Youth Discounts)

1 person 2-3 people 4-6 people 7-9 people 10+ people
$130 per adult $110  per adult $90 per adult $70 per adult $56 per adult

Youth discounts available (Youth Discounts)