Morro Bay Private Kayak Tours

If our regular Morro Bay kayak tours aren't quite what you are looking for or if you just want a private tour, we are happy to accommodate you. Private tours are also an excellent option for families who don't have any kayak experience at all and have very young kids (i.e. 2-6 years old) as we can adjust the pace of the tour to meet your needs. Most people doing private kayak tours on Morro Bay with us do either a two hour or a three hour tour (you pick the time to meet) or simply request to have a regular tour turned into a private tour. You can also do private kayak tours that include a wonderful picnic lunch or a grilled dinner on the dunes. We also offer dog friendly private kayak tours and private kayak tours that focus on birdwatching. Large groups (32 maximum) are also welcome! Note that if you have more than 32 people we can often do several different torus at different times to accommodate larger groups. The best way to set up a private tour is to call us at 805.528.1080 or send an email to

LARGE GROUP (10+) YOUTH GROUP TOURS qualify for our group discount rate for any tour.

Note that for Summer and Fall 2021 we have been exceptionally busy as well as short staffed. Some dates are already sold out. Please check our Availability Update Page for details.

KAYAKING: Private Three Hour Tour OR Two Hour Tour

The three hour private kayak tour typically visits all the same places on the bay that our Kayaking: Morro Bay Half Day Classic Tour does. This is also our most popular tour for large groups like school groups, youth groups or company outings.

The two hour version is more like our Kayaking: Morro Bay Short Paddle and typically visits the same places that tour does. For the two hour private tour we usually stay on the water and do not visit the sand dunes, but we can also shorten the on water portion of the tour and work in a quick visit to the sand dunes on special request.

With a private tour we also have some flexibility when we schedule the tour to meet. Note that the early to mid afternoon can be the windiest time of day and so we usually recommend either meeting in the morning or closer to sunset for your private tour. That being said, if early to mid afternoon is the only time you have available and you are OK with potentially windier and rougher conditions, we can look at an afternoon tour for you as well.

We can also do a private sunset paddle to include the drinks and hors d'oeuvres we serve on our regular Kayaking: Sunset Paddle. Please call us for details and pricing.

Our Youth Discounts will apply to all group sizes below EXCEPT the 10+ group size. The 10+ group size price is our standard large group rate and is a flat per person rate regardless of age.

Price per person, by group size:

Group Size 2 hour tour per person (similar to Short Paddle) 3 hour tour per person (similar to Half Day Classic)
1 $130 $140
2 $100 $110
3 $90 $100
4 $80 $90
5-6 $70 $80
7-9 $60 $70
10+ $48 $56

“Greg’s love of learning and respect for nature were evident to us and made for a wonderful time. Additionally, the lunch was outstanding!!!! Hats off to the chef and tour guide.”

Marsha Plafkin
Los Angeles, CA

KAYAKING: Private Tours with Lunch or Dinner

Kayaking Morro Bay out to the sand dunes and having a gourmet picnic lunch or a California beach style grilled dinner is truly a memorable experience.

If you'd like to add the gourmet picnic lunch to your private Morro Bay kayak tour, this works best if we do an extended version of our Kayaking: Half Day Classic tour to allow for additonal time on the dunes to eat lunch (maximum 32 people). With this scenario, we meet at 9:00 am and are usually back to the docks between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm. We usually serve the same picnic lunch that is featured on our bike tours or Big Sur hike tours.

If you'd like to add the California beach style grilled dinner (maximum 16 people) to your private Morro Bay kayak tour, this works best if we do a modified version of our Kayaking: Sunset Paddle tour. With this scenario we usually meet at roughly the same time in the late afternoon as the sunset paddle, but spend a little less time on the water to allow for time to cook and eat dinner on the dunes before it gets dark. We normally serve our Dinner on the Dunes menu, which appeals to a wide variety of people, but larger groups can also contact us if they'd like to modify that menu.

Either of these tours are great options for larger groups as well. Our Youth Discounts will apply to all group sizes below EXCEPT the 10+ group size. The 10+ group size price is our standard large group rate and is a flat per person rate regardless of age.

Price per person, by group size:

Group Size 2-3 4-6 7-9 10+
Lunch Kayak Tour (32 people limit) $140 $120 $100 $85
Dinner Kayak Tour (16 people limit) $150 $130 $110 $90

Click on this link for standard menus for these tours.

KAYAKING: Private Tours with Dogs

As dog owners ourselves, we understand how enjoyable it can be to take a dog on a dog friendly kayak tour or other outdoor adventure. We can accommodate dogs on our guided Morro Bay kayak tours, but there are some additional considerations. First, we ask that people with dogs book as a private kayak tour. We love dogs, but we can't speak for other people who may sign up for a kayak tour with us. Second, dogs are not allowed on the sand dunes on the far side of the bay, so we usually recommend doing a two hour private tour that does not land on the sand dunes - roughly the same itinerary as our Morro Bay Short Paddle. The rate for this would be the same as for a private two hour tour listed above. See pricing above for specifics.

Another consideration is that during the late fall and winter there is a short hunting season for geese and ducks allowed on Morro Bay and we sometimes hear gunshots on kayak tours on Morro Bay during this time frame. For some dogs this may not be an issue, but for others it might be. We encourage anybody contemplating booking a dog friendly kayak tour during this time frame to contact us for more information.

Please note that even though we offer private kayak tours for people with dogs, this doesn't guarantee that your dog will cooperate or enjoy the tour! While many dogs are just fine with being in a kayak, we've also had cases of dogs that refuse to get in the kayak or who are so nervous once they get in the kayak that the tour has to be cut short. Unfortunately, but we can't offer any refunds in these situations. We strongly encourage you to make sure your dog is comfortable in a small boat like a kayak before signing up for a private doggie kayak tour wth us.

Dogs are free with full paying humans on private kayak tours!

KAYAKING: Private Birdwatching Tours

Morro Bay is an internationally recognized birdwatching hot spot. In winter you can see dozens of different species on the bay. While you will certainly see plenty of birds on our regular tours, if you really want to slow the pace down and spend more time learning about birds and identifying them, we recommend a private tour, either two or three hours in length. See above for pricing.

We've run the kayak bird watching tour program for the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival for many years as well. If you are an avid birder, we encourage you to check out the festival and sign up for one of the kayak tours that we do with them. You can also check out the bird lists to see what kind of species you might see in and around the bay.