About Central Coast Outdoors

Mission Statement

Our mission is "to enrich our guests' lives through an incredible experience in the outdoor world of the Central Coast."

What We Do

We are a small adventure travel company based in SLO County, California. We work with group travel planners and travel tour operators, as well as individuals to provide top rated outdoors tours on California's Central Coast region, including Morro Bay, Big Sur, Paso Robles and SLO. Our three main activities are kayaking, bicycling and hiking. While we specialize in small group travel, we have also hosted events with over 100 people. We are very proud of the fact that our tours are #1 top rated on TripAdvisor.

Company History

Central Coast Outdoors was started in 2003 by John and Virginia Flaherty, the current owners. Both John and Virginia have extensive backgrounds in guiding outdoors trips all over the world for other outdoor touring companies and decided it was high time to hang out their own shingle, stick closer to home and show people the wonders of California's Central Coast.

Our very first trip was an eight day custom bike tour in June 2003 for a wonderful group of six people from the East Coast. After that not much happened that first year. We ran a grand total of seven trips in 2003 (mostly day trips for one or two people) in the SLO area.

Since then, however, things really took off. In 2004 we added kayak only trips on Morro Bay and they have been our most popular trips. In 2005 we hired a small part time staff of guides to help with our increasing volume. We also started launching our kayak tours from Morro Bay State Park Marina instead of a kayak shop on the Embarcadero in Morro Bay. In 2006 we added all kinds of kayaking tours on Morro Bay and added half day bike trips. Virtually all of the multi-day tours we run are custom private trips, so we no longer advertise date specific multi-day departures on our website.

In 2010 we added self guided bike tours to our trip mix and these have been very popular, especially long distance self guided bike tours down the California coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles. In 2013 we celebrated our 10th anniversary and feel lucky to have introduced over 10,000 people to the outdoor world of the Central Coast since we opened our doors.

Due to our focus on making sure each person on our trips has the best time possible, our kayak, bike and hike tours have been #1 top rated on TripAdvisor for years.

We remain a small company and the owners do much of the guiding themselves.