Last update 9/1/21 - Indoors mask mandate announced by SLO County

We are OPEN and SAFE!

Currently all our tours (except Hiking: Big Sur Ecotour) are open. All of our staff is fully vaccinated. All our tours take place primarily outside.

On our kayak tours, we ask that un-vaccinated people have masks ready to wear only at the docks if asked. Once we are on the water, masks may be taken off. Fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks at any time. Even though all our staff is fully vaccinated, if you prefer our staff to wear masks while launching and landing at the docks, we are happy to do so. Just let us know.

On our biking winery tours, we will have the opportunity to taste at the wineries (virtually all are open) and will comply with whatever mask wearing policy they have. Most wineries have both indoor and outdoor seating. As of 9/1/21, SLO County has mandated masks in all indoor settings for both vaccinated and un-vaccinated people. If you go inside a winery you should be ready to wear a mask. Masks are not required if you are seated indoors and eating or drinking. 

On our bike trips, if you are in the support vehicle, we may ask you to wear a mask and we may have the windows down for circulation and the guide may wear a mask as well.

Here is a link to our Self Certification Form for re-opening required by SLO County.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

John Flaherty, Owner