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Last update 2/26/22 - San Luis Obispo County relaxes most COVID restrictions

We are OPEN and SAFE!

Currently all our tours are open. All of our staff is fully vaccinated and many have booster shots. However, if any of our staff exhibits COVID symptoms, tests positive for COVID or has had recent exposure to someone with COVID, they will not be working tours until they test negative or have quarantined the required amount of time.

All our tours take place primarily outside, which means the risk of transmission is very low. In general, masks are not required on our tours while you are outside kayaking, hiking or biking. See below for possible exceptions. Note that we will always comply with state and local health regulations. It is recommended to always carry a mask just in case you encounter a situation where it might be prudent (or required) to wear one. Currently, we are not asking for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to come on any of our tours.

On our kayak tours, no masks are typically required. Even though all our staff is fully vaccinated, if you prefer our staff to wear masks while launching and landing at the docks, we are happy to do so. Just let us know.

If you have COVID or have been exposed to anyone who has recently tested positive or exhibit symptoms just prior to your scheuled tour, please contact us to discuss options.

Here is a link to our Self Certification Form for re-opening required by SLO County.

We look forward to seeing you soon!