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At Central Coast Outdoors we are often looking for great new guide staff for our kayak tours. Although we operate year round, our business volume is very seasonal and we are busiest in the summer. Therefore, we usually hire new guides in the late spring/early summer. However, there may be openings at other times of year as well. If you are personable and professional and have previous outdoor guiding experience and/or a natural history background, we'd love to hear from you! Here is a current job description for the kayak tour guide.

Note that we have recently raised our pay rates to keep pace with the tight job market. See the job description link above for details.

Job inquiries can be sent to

5/19/23 update - we are currently fully staffed for the busy summer season 2023, but if any of our current staff drops out we may have openings. Please direct inquiries to Johnn at the above email address.