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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Itinerary   CALL 805.528.1080 TO RESERVE  or  Private Tour Request Form


Group Size (maximum 4) 1 2 3 4
Price per person (Youth discounts) $140 $110 $100 $90

Itinerary Description

Morro Bay is an excellent place to learn how to kayak. The waters are typically not rough and our expert staff will coach you through all the basic skills, plus you’ll learn about safely navigating and enjoying Morro Bay. For private lessons, we start with land based instruction and then proceed to water based instruction. After mastering the forward stroke and different turning techniques, we’ll explore the bay and learn about tides, currents and mud flats (and how NOT to get stuck on mud flats – a common beginner’s mistake here!). You’ll also learn the best places to explore on your own. Note that we do not teach capsize and rescue techniques during the private lesson, nor do we teach the Eskimo roll. Capsizes are very rare on Morro Bay. Come learn how to kayak and enjoy Morro Bay with us!

Youth Discounts

Youths age 12 and under get a 20% discount.