Availability Update

Last update 11/23/21

For Summer and Fall 2021 we are exceptionally busy as well as being very short on qualified guide staff. As a result, on many days this summer/fall our tours have already sold out or will soon sell out. Below is a list of key dates where this is happening. Dates that are not on the list below usually have several spaces left on at least two different tour options. Please use this information to help plan your tour requests with us. Note that we udpate this page frequently but it is not 100% live. To get real time availability, you can always call us at 805.528.1080.

11/25/21 (Thanksgiving) - Only morning tours available.

11/28/21 - No availability on bike tours. Limited availability on kayak tours.

12/25/21 (Christmas) - Open!

1/3/22 to 1/12/22 - Closed.


***Dates not on the list above usually have good availability on at least two different tour options.***